PCN Services

Klinik Access

The PCN has invested in this digital solution to support the way the practices and the PCN deliver care to patients. Klinik Healthcare Solutions offer an intuitive total triage platform to manage patient flow.

AccuRx Plus

The PCN has invested in this digital solution to support the way the practices and the PCN deliver care to patients. AccuRx Plus offers Patient Triage via online consultations, video consultations and a range of services using SMS text messaging.

Patient Leaf

The PCN have purchased this software to support clinicians in delivering care to patients. Patient Leaf consolidates all the patient’s key data onto one screen so decisions on medication can be made quickly and safely.

COVID Vaccinations/Booster Program

The PCN delivered 45,896 COVID Vaccinations between January and June in 2021 from Adams Park Stadium, home of the Wycombe Wanderers with support from practice staff, Dave Whitlock and the Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Services, Marlow Rotary Club, Marlow Rugby Club and many other individual volunteers giving up their time to support the community in this National roll-out in response to the global pandemic.

We then returned to Adams Park Stadium on 15 October 2021, along with our volunteers, to deliver COVID Booster Vaccinations and continue to support the National Campaign to protect us all from the threat of COVID. We estimate to have delivered a further 8,000 Vaccinations so far while again, maintaining our usual services delivered to patients across our practices.

Flu Campaign

Each practice delivers the Annual Flu Vaccinations and the PCN are now responsible for ensuring this happens.

Enhanced Access

From 1 October 2022, our Primary Care Network will be providing enhanced access which includes providing services into the evenings and on Saturdays. This will provide patients with more access to a variety of primary care services. This is in line with all GP surgeries across England.

Among the services available during these extra hours are vaccinations, NHS Health Checks, medication reviews and dressing clinics. You will be able to see or speak to a number of clinicians, including nurses, pharmacists and social prescribers. You may be offered one of these options when you contact us about an appointment.

Arc Bucks PCN has sought the views of local patients about what and how additional hours could best provide the services they need and we will continue to listen to feedback to make sure we are getting things right.

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