Community Connector Training

Community Connectors

A Community Connector is an individual who cares about their community and would like to make a positive difference.

Community Connectors are trained to, as the name suggests, connect people to the community. The Arc Bucks PCN Community Connector training makes this process more structured. This will mean that more people will know what groups and events are happening locally and know where to find extra help and support if needed.

There are no commitments, or experience required. Individuals can choose to give as much or as little time to the cause, Just a small amount of your time signposting as a Community Connector could make a positive difference to someone’s wellbeing.


Why signpost?

  • There is a huge amount of support out there but lots of people don’t know about it.
  • We don’t want people to say ‘if only I had known that’ … we want people to say ‘I know where you can find out.’
  • The best people to pass on information about support aren’t necessarily ‘professionals’ but people who we know and trust, this helps engage with hard to reach people.
  • Gives people information early and empowers people with knowledge to prevent escalation.

If you would like to join us we can offer free training for you to become a Community Connector. Upon completing the Community Connector Training you will receive a badge and certificate of completion.

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