Arc Bucks PCN Model of Care

Arc Bucks PCN takes an hollistic approach to patients, considering not only the physical health of an individual but also their overall wellbeing. Not only looking at traditional Primary Care concerns such as nutrition, Long Term Conditions, ill-health, mobility, continence but also non clinical factors that impact each of our lives such as housing, social interactions, education, family and friends, occupation, dependents among many other things which contribute to the stresses and the joy we find day to day. We believe we can better help if we look at the bigger picture, understanding What Matters To You and working with you to improve your circumstances and future quality of life.

We have employed Social Prescribing Link Workers to help bridge the gap between Healthcare, Social Services and Community support. Joined up, patient centred care relies on these different sectors working more closely together and with the voluntary sector to acheive better outcomes from all those living in our community.

We hope to train as many volunteers and colleagues working across different oragnisations such as the police, SCAS (ambulance) and the council as Community Connectors. They will use signposting skills to help us reach more people in need of support and link them with apporpriate support on offer in the Community. Our Social Prescirbing Link Workers will also work the Community to fill any gaps in support as well as maintain an up-to-date Directory of Services, which lists all free or low cost offers of support available either locally or offered nationally.

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